The long fiber of Hemp Pulp Makes it suitable for a large Range of applications

Most paper is a mixture of different types of pulp, each giving different characteristics. Hemp pulp from our process has physical characteristics that are comparable to hardwood and superior to recycled fibre.

Our pulp is unbleached and meets or exceeds most hardwood fiber specification for production of molded fiber, tissue and towel, as well as specialty papers and packaging.

Other characteristics:

  • Slightly longer fiber than the majority of hardwood pulps
  • Superior strength characteristics vs. hardwood
  • Superior strength properties to non-wood pulp from other processes
  • Lower coarseness compared to non-wood pulp from other processes
  • Certified non-wood product
  • End use target markets are molded fiber products, consumer products (towel & tissue), packaging and printing and writing grades

Where Hemp Pulp Excells:

SFT provides performance advantages when hemp pulp is used in the following consumer products:

  • Packaging
  • Molded Products
  • Tissue and Towel
  • Printing and Writing Paper