The unique characteristics of hemp cellulose make for a high demand product that achieves prime market values. And not a single tree needs to be cut down to make it.

Using hemp in cellulose production offers ecological and financial advantages to wood fiber pulping.

Energy Efficiency

Hemp cellulose can be produced at lower temperatures and without the use of pressure tanks.
This energy efficient way of working allows us to achieve significantly lower production costs.

Water Preservation

Through water recycling and reduced need for bleaching, our water usage comes to about 1/10th compared to wood cellulose.


Hemp is a quickly renewable resource. The plant  has a fast growth rate and accesses nutrients deep in the soil that would otherwise not be available.

The long fibres of hemp are great to enhance recycled paper products. No clear cuts needed!


Our proprietary pulping process is the result of decades of research from agricultural specialists and scientists at the University of Washington.


Our Saketchewan plant will convert hemp into bleached and dried pulp.

Cellfor will be the first operating entity to found, develop, construct, and operate a hemp fibre plant in Canada.

We are forecasting production in Q4 2025.


We are able to license out our technology.