For A better Future


Due to the milder technology used, the process is done at lower temperature without high pressure tanks. This results in using significantly less energy and lower cost of ton to produce. 20 million KWh less electrical usage is the equivalent energy to power 3,000 homes.

Other facts:

  • Process uses between 1/8th and 1/10th the water of a traditional wood pulping process
  • Because of the process the capital cost is significantly lower. A similar sized wood pulp mill would cost over $250 million (Cellfor is just under $90 million in CAPEX costs)
  • Washington Department of Ecology has permitted the process as a minor source impact on air. A traditional wood pulp mill utilizes sulfur compounds resulting in NOX & SOX emissions and resulting permitting, controls and regulations. The Phoenix Process is sulfur free thus no traditional pulp mill odours
  • A mill utilizing the Phoenix Process will have minimal discharge with the process water being recycled or going out as an additional product. Additionallythere is minimal solid waste.